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From Struggle to Hope: A Service Project for a Grandmother and Her Grandkids Born into Addiction

From Struggle to Hope: A Service Project for a Grandmother and Her Grandkids Born into Addiction

Lion Project Service Project


The Lion Project aims to provide support and assistance to a single grandmother who is caring for her two special needs grandchildren, aged 6 months and 20 months. Both children were born with health issues as a result of addiction, and the service project aims to create a healthy and nurturing environment for them to grow and thrive. The project will focus on refreshing her living space, enhancing organization, creating personal space, and connecting her to essential resources such as nutrition, vitamins, and stress relief.

Project Objectives

  • Organizational Enhancement: The project will focus on improving the organization of the living space to ensure a clean, safe, and clutter-free environment for the grandmother and her grandchildren.
  • Personal Space Creation: The grandmother will be provided with a designated personal space where she can relax and rejuvenate, ensuring her well-being and mental health.
  • Healthy Environment for Children: The living space will be optimized to cater to the specific health needs of the special needs grandchildren, ensuring their comfort, safety, and overall development.
  • Resource Connection: The grandmother will be connected to essential resources for nutrition, vitamins, and stress relief, ensuring she has the necessary support to care for the children effectively.

 Project Activities

  • Assessment: Conduct a thorough assessment of the current living space, identifying areas that require improvement for organization and safety.
  • Redesign and Organize: Redesign the living space to optimize functionality and organization, including child-proofing measures and storage solutions.
  • Personal Space Creation: Allocate and set up a designated personal space for the grandmother, ensuring it promotes relaxation and emotional well-being.
  • Health Support: Collaborate with healthcare professionals to address the specific health needs of the special needs grandchildren and implement necessary adaptations.
  • Resource Connection: Establish partnerships with local organizations and support groups to provide the grandmother with access to nutrition resources, vitamins, and stress relief services.

Project Timeline

  • Week 1-2: Conduct initial home assessment.
  • Week 3-4: Collect household donations, monetary donations, and other items that can make this house a home.
  • Week 5: Service Project takes place
  • Week 7-8: Follow up video


To be determined upon house visit.

Expected Outcomes

  • A well-organized and safe living space for the grandmother and her grandchildren.
  • A designated personal space for the grandmother, promoting her well-being.
  • Improved access to essential resources, including nutrition, vitamins, and stress relief services.
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills for the grandmother in caring for her special needs grandchildren.


The Lion Project aims to make a significant positive impact on the life of Raeleen, a single grandmother and her two special needs grandchildren. By improving their living space, providing resources, and enhancing the grandmother’s well-being, we can contribute to the health and happiness of this family. Your support and funding will be crucial in making this project a reality and creating a better future for these children. Together, we can make a lasting difference in their lives.

Heartfelt Gratitude: Lion Project’s Commuter Donation Drive Success!

Heartfelt Gratitude: Lion Project’s Commuter Donation Drive Success!

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who participated in the Lion Project’s Commuter Donation Drive. Your support made a tremendous impact on the lives of kids and teens in foster care. Thank you! Your generosity knew no bounds. From toys, clothes, and shoes to suitcases, hats, and backpacks, each item filled our car to the brim. Your donations spoke volumes about the compassion and care within our community.

We witnessed an inspiring sight as our community came together to bring joy and comfort to those in need. Your contributions not only provide essential items but also send a powerful message of support and belonging. Thanks to your kindness, children and teens in foster care will receive not just material support but also a renewed sense of hope. Your donations will make a lasting difference in their lives, reminding them they are valued.

On behalf of the Lion Project team, we cannot express enough gratitude for your overwhelming support during the Commuter Donation Drive. Together, we are building a brighter future, one act of kindness at a time. Thank you for being part of our compassionate community.

With heartfelt thanks,

The Lion Project Team

Transforming Lives: Our Unforgettable Service Project for the Humenansky Family

Transforming Lives: Our Unforgettable Service Project for the Humenansky Family

In a world where acts of kindness are often overshadowed, our team recently embarked on a truly inspiring service project. With hearts brimming with compassion and an unwavering desire to make a meaningful difference, we were privileged to lend our assistance to the Humenansky family—an extraordinary household of 11 individuals, including two dedicated parents, their biological children, and the newly adopted children whom this remarkable family embraced as foster parents. Our mission was to transform their basement and give the home a little makeover, but it turned into so much more. With the power of teamwork and a shared purpose, we created a space where love, warmth, and hope could thrive.

Meeting the Humenansky Family:
Upon our first encounter with the Humenansky family, we were instantly captivated by their incredible dedication and unwavering commitment to providing a nurturing environment for foster children. Their love knew no bounds as they welcomed numerous young souls into their embrace, offering support, stability, and a sense of belonging. Overwhelmed by their selflessness, we were inspired to lend a helping hand in any way we could. Over the years, this family has fostered close to 50 children and teens!

Rebecca and Joe Humenansky's family

The Humenansky family

Breathing Life into the Basement: The basement of the Humenansky residence needed a little love. Our team saw an opportunity to create something special—a sanctuary where the family and children could gather, bond, and create cherished memories. The tasks at hand included painting the walls, working on the drywall, and reviving the space with a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Little did we know that our project would expand beyond the basement itself.

The Lion Project service project

Creating a Cozy Living Area: In addition to the renovations, we wanted to provide the Humenansky family with a comfortable living area where they could relax and spend quality time together. With their input, we carefully selected and surprised them with a new art, an upgraded couch, and hung family portraits on the wall. Their living room was now a cozy retreat. The joy on their faces, as they saw the upgrades, was priceless and reinforced our commitment to making this service project truly remarkable.

The Lion Project service project

Inspiring Art: We aimed to ignite creativity and inspiration within the basement by transforming one wall into a captivating chalkboard canvas, providing a space where the children could unleash their imaginations and bring their ideas to life. This dedicated wall became a showcase for their vibrant works of art, proudly displaying their creativity. Musical instruments line the walls, and shelves are full of an array of toys and books creating an environment that nurtures both playfulness and learning. The basement is a haven for self-expression, where artistic endeavors, musical melodies, and imaginative play harmoniously coexist.

Revitalizing the Parents’ Bedroom: Recognizing the tremendous love and care the parents provide to their children, we wanted to offer them a haven of their own—a space where they could retreat, recharge, and find solace. With their blessing, we gave their bedroom a makeover, transforming it into a tranquil sanctuary. Fresh linens, soft lighting, and thoughtful decor created an atmosphere of serenity and rejuvenation—a small gesture to express our gratitude for their tireless dedication.

The Lion Project service project

Overall, our hearts were filled! We truly enjoyed working on this service project and are so grateful to have met this amazing family!

Lindsay’s House Service Project Recap

Lindsay’s House Service Project Recap

Lindsay’s House // Service Project
February 12th

Mission: To give a home-makeover to Lindsay, a foster mother of 3.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as we reflect on the incredible service project we had the privilege to be a part of last Saturday. Our hearts have been touched in ways that words cannot fully express.

We came together as a community to serve Lindsay, a single foster mother, and we witnessed firsthand the power of compassion and generosity. It was amazing to see how each and every one of you contributed to this project in your own unique way, whether it was through financial donations, purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List, or offering up heartfelt prayers. Your support and dedication made all the difference in the world.

As we worked side by side, we saw the impact of our efforts on Lindsay’s life and on the lives of her children. It was truly an honor to be a part of something so special, and we could not have done it without your help.

We are excited to share more about this project in the coming days, as we continue to spread awareness and advocate for those in need. Let us continue to keep Lindsay and her family in our thoughts and prayers, and let us never forget the incredible power of community and compassion.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we look forward to serving together again soon.


Suitcase Drive

Suitcase Drive

On December 3rd, the Lion Project held our 2nd annual suitcase drive for kids and teens in foster care. We had such a fun morning, though it was a bit chilly! We collected 40+ suitcases, duffle bags, and backpacks in hopes that there can be dignity during this difficult transition out of a home and into the foster system. It is very common for a child or teen to be given a trash bag to put their belongings in. We do not want to see that!