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In 2023, the Lion Project made a remarkable impact through collaboration with Project 1.27 and foster families, focusing on home improvement projects that went beyond physical changes. Our mission was to turn houses into homes, adding a touch of warmth, care, and a sense of belonging to every space we touched. We supported low-income students in Denver Public Schools by collecting 1600 backpacks and gathered 65 suitcases for children in foster care at our 3rd Annual Suitcase Drive.

Partner: Project 1.27

The Lion Project and Project 1.27Fostering Nurturing Environments: Empowering Foster Care Homes for Stability.

Partner Mission: The mission of Project 1.27 is to “engage, inspire, recruit and resource churches and families to serve children in our community through faith-based family preservation, kinship care, foster care and adoption.” Through the collaborative efforts of state and county agencies, churches and faith-based organizations like Project 1.27, the number of waiting children for adoption in Colorado has declined to from 875 to less than 200 in recent years.

Project Description: Created a strong home foundation for fostering stability, healing, and growth in the lives of children as they transition from challenging or unstable situations into unfamiliar homes by equipping foster care families homes with essential resources and home interior design. The Lion Project provided interior design, volunteer labor, nonprofit outreach videos, interior design planning, home furnishings, toys, educational materials such as books, and remodeling services.   

Project Impact:  

  • Enhancing well-being: Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience for foster children and the environment they live in plays a significant role in their overall well-being. By decorating and equipping these homes, this project helped create a warm, welcoming, and calming atmosphere that supports emotional well-being.  
  • Creating a sense of belonging: Foster children often struggle with feelings of instability and not belonging, as they may move frequently between different placements. By decorating and personalizing their living spaces, the project offers a sense of ownership and identity, allowing children to feel more connected to their new foster homes. This environment gives parents and children spaces to share quality time together, enhancing attachment and creating a foundation for a stable and loving relationship.  
  • Nurturing development: A thoughtfully decorated and furnished home can significantly contribute to a foster child’s developmental journey. This project provided educational resources, age-appropriate toys, and engaging materials that promote cognitive, physical, and social growth, ensuring foster children have the tools they need to thrive and reach their full potential.  
  • Support for foster families: Foster care families often face financial strains when it comes to providing a suitable home environment for the children they care for and this project lightened the financial burden. 

Partner: DPS

Fostering Academic Success: Backpack Drive for in Public Schools.


Partner Mission: Denver Public School’s Mission is “Educational equity is our collective responsibility. We prepare students for career, college and life. We create conditions and partnerships where students, families, and team members belong and thrive.

Project Description: We organized a backpack drive for Denver Public Schools to provide essential school supplies to low-income students. By ensuring access to these resources, we strive to eliminate barriers to academic success and promote equitable education.  

Project Impact: 

  • Collected and distributed 1600 backpacks
  • Provided low-income kids with essential school supplies, ensuring they have the tools necessary for learning.
  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Stylish backpacks contributed to a sense of pride and confidence among the recipients, promoting a positive self-image.
  • Community Engagement: Fostered a sense of community involvement and solidarity by rallying support for the backpack drive.
  • Alleviated Financial Burden: Eased the financial strain on families by supplying necessary school items, allowing them to allocate resources to other essential needs.
  • Long-lasting Impact: Set the foundation for ongoing educational support, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in creating positive change.


Partner: Denver County Department of Human Services

Dignity in Transit: Project Suitcase’s Journey to Empower Foster Care Children with Essentials

Partner Mission: DCDHS is part of Colorado CDHS, whose mission is “to support people and families by connecting them with assistance, resources and support at every stage of their lives.  serve Coloradans through bold and innovative health and human services. And together, we empower Coloradans to thrive.

Project Description: We organized a suitcase drive for foster families to provide them with essential items for children in transition. By ensuring that these families have access to suitcases, we aim to alleviate some of the challenges faced by foster children when moving between homes. 

Project Impact: 

  • Provided 65+ suitcases to children in foster care.
  • Eliminated the use of impractical garbage bags for packing belongings.
  • Reduced logistical challenges during transitions between homes.
  • Improved organizational efficiency with the provision of practical luggage.
  • Preserved the dignity and self-esteem of children in foster care.
  • Eased the journey through the system by offering essential suitcases.

Lion Project Suitcase Drive

Program Name: Lion Project Volunteer Outreach Program

Program Description: The Lion Project is dedicated to connecting passionate volunteers with meaningful service projects tailored to various nonprofits. Our program acts as a bridge between volunteers and nonprofits, fostering a collaborative community committed to making a positive impact in their local communities.

Program Impact:

• Empowering Volunteers: The program empowers individuals to utilize their skills and passions for the greater good. By providing a diverse range of service projects, volunteers have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, gain valuable experience, and contribute meaningfully to causes they care about.

• Amplifying Nonprofits’ Reach:
We help nonprofits expand their network by attracting dedicated volunteers. By utilizing the skills and time of these volunteers, nonprofits can enhance their current initiatives, launch new projects, and increase their overall impact on the communities they serve.

• Increasing Awareness and Engagement:

The program raises awareness about the challenges faced by nonprofits and the importance of volunteerism in addressing these issues. It effectively engages individuals who may not have had previous exposure to specific causes, inspiring them to become advocates and ambassadors for various nonprofit missions.

• Building Lasting Connections through Strengthening Communities:

Through the program, volunteers and nonprofits create lasting connections as they work together towards shared goals. This synergy fosters relationships that extend beyond individual projects and leads to continued collaboration, support, and long-term partnerships between volunteers and nonprofits. Our Volunteer Outreach Program is shaping generations of passionate change-makers, harnessing the power of volunteers to drive social impact, and strengthen communities.

Program Outcomes:
# volunteers connected : 117
# hours donated: 384
$ value of volunteer hours: $12,211
# organizations, families, people served: 1650

Service Projects in Action

Witness the transformative power of our service initiatives by watching videos of these projects in action…

Lindsay’s House

Humenensky Family

Backpack Drive

3rd Annual Suitcase Drive

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Organization Mission:  

The Lion Project was born from a desire to see nonprofits, businesses, communities, and individuals thrive. We set out to find a new way for nonprofits to get the resources they need while turning bystanders into engaged community members. The community of supporters we have created is unlike anything else. We enhance nonprofit exposure and engage with companies to embrace a new way of doing business. 

We directly connect with three pillars of society: The business community, the nonprofit sector, and creatives. By blending the expertise and capital of businesses with the storytelling ability of creatives, the Lion Project creates a powerful voice for the silent heroes of the nonprofit world. 

Program Mission:  

Our program mission is to address pressing needs in the community by organizing meaningful service project initiatives, providing resources, and mobilizing volunteers to tackle pressing issues through collaborations with nonprofit and educational organizations in the Denver Metro area and state of Colorado. Additionally, we aim to propel nonprofits to sustain these impactful programs by providing video documentation so nonprofits can advance their mission.  

Each year, we select an area of impact that addresses a critical need within our community. In 2024, our chosen theme is to combat food scarcity, hunger, and nutritional deficiencies in low-income public schools operating within the Denver Public School (DPS) System.


Our past partnerships have included:

Bessie’s Hope
Colorado Conservatory of Dance
Colorado Kids Belong
Excelsior Group
Extended Hands of hope
Foster Source
Home Aid
Hope House of CO
Joshua station
Mission Wear
Open Door Ministries

Project 1.27
Providence Network
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Senior Support service
Sewall Childhood Development
Sky’s the Limit
Spero Recovery
Streets Hope
Tall Tell Ranch
The Phoenix
Thirdway Center
Urban Peak


In crafting our vision, we envision a world where the art of storytelling serves as a powerful catalyst for profound life change. Our commitment lies in harnessing the unique ability of narratives to transcend boundaries, shape perspectives, and ignite transformative journeys.

At the heart of our vision is the belief that storytelling, when wielded with intention and artistry, can become a force capable of creating lasting impact. We aspire to be architects of narratives that not only entertain but also inspire reflection, empathy, and positive action.