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Empowerment in Action: Elevating Your Brand, Making a Difference, and Amplifying Social Impact with The Lion Project and explore our Lion Project Business Partnership Opportunities.


We help build your company’s brand equity, create a cause-based marketing touchpoint, help differentiate you from your competitors and help your organization create a culture of giving through a turnkey CSR program. We do this through service projects for your team, a recap story that shows where your money goes and how it is changing lives, then allows you to distribute it through your website, newsletters, and social media.

By partnering with The Lion Project, you’re able to exponentially increase your impact on the nonprofit community by serving multiple organizations each year.


Think of The Lion Project as the turn-key philanthropic arm of your company that uses the power of video storytelling to help nonprofits get the visibility they need while helping you empower your employees and customers.


There are lots of ways to contribute to the mission of The Lion Project and amplify impact as you do so. We have opportunities for hands-on service, committee work and skilled or expert volunteers.


Support from our community partners is vital to making our service projects happen. We’re always in need of contracting, plumbing, HVAC, and paint vendors interested in donating supplies for our four annual community service projects.

service projects

Employees work harder and feel more loyal to companies that give back to their communities. Customers want to support businesses and companies that care about making the world a better place.

How we help
By participating in our Service Days, you and your team are able to show up, get your hands dirty and your hearts filled, without the hefty price of staff time required to vet nonprofits, and identify truly impactful projects or acquire supplies. In the end, you’ll have a team-building activity that really means something and we’ll capture your story through a quality video story you can share with customers, staff, recruits, and your community.


How to tell your CSR story
We make it easy for you to show your impact story through the delivery of powerful video and marketing support. We then help you execute distribution and maximize your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

What this does for the nonprofit community
In addition to the amazing benefits of a Business Partnership for your team, you’ll be making a real, tangible impact on nonprofits across Colorado by accelerating their growth. These nonprofits strive daily to provide the best service and care to the most vulnerable people in our community.

Who you support:
In an exciting collaboration, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Denver Public Schools’ FACE program (Family and Community Engagement). Together, we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of children and families facing food insecurity.

The Lion Project Business Partnership Opportunities


About the Lion Project

The Lion Project was born from a desire to see nonprofits, businesses, communities, and individuals thrive. We set out to find a new way for nonprofits to get the resources they need while turning bystanders into engaged community members. The community of supporters we have created is unlike anything else. We enhance nonprofit exposure and engage with companies to embrace a new way of doing business.

We directly connect with three pillars of society: The business community, the nonprofit sector, and creatives. By blending the expertise and capital of businesses with the storytelling ability of creatives, the Lion Project creates a powerful voice for the silent heroes of the nonprofit world.

We look forward to exploring our Lion Project Business Partnership Opportunities with you!