You do incredible work to change lives. Our mission is simply to help you do more of it.

Hunger, trauma, homelessness, abuse, poverty, inequality… You’re facing the toughest situations our community has to offer, working for and alongside people searching for hope.

And that’s exactly where your focus should be.

The Lion Project exists to supplement that effort, helping you to bring awareness of your mission and impact. We work with businesses, creatives, and individuals to get involved in accelerating your growth through video production, marketing services, and service projects. You can find out more about each program below.

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Growth

LP4 - The Campaigns

This is The Lion Project’s main program; it’s powerful and totally unique. We select four of the most dedicated non-profits in Denver to help accelerate their growth through video production and service projects. Utilizing business community partnerships, this model is able to exponentially expand awareness of your work.

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White Label Revenue Model

The Lion Project is introducing a new video sponsorship program that will not only help you draw in high-profile sponsors to directly fund your mission, but also give your nonprofit a strong increase in exposure, donor loyalty, and marketing capacity. This new funding model is innovative and more importantly, effective.

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Continued Marketing Services

We offer a suite of cost-effective marketing services to non-profits. As professional storytellers with our own non-profit experience, we have a unique understanding of the challenges and importance of creating and spreading the right messages.

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