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The Energy Dilemma Q&A with Adam Stielstra and Bill Butler

The Energy Dilemma Q&A with Adam Stielstra and Bill Butler

The Lion Project recently threw a luncheon that opened our eyes to the world of energy! Attendees were treated to a screening of Lion Media’s docuseries, The Energy Dilemma, and a Q&A session with its producer and director, Adam Stielstra, and executive producer, Bill Butler.

The Energy Dilemma is a compelling series that tackles some of the most pressing issues facing the energy industry today. From the impact of climate change to the pros and cons of various renewable energy sources, the series covers it all. The screening of the series was an eye-opening experience, and attendees left with a deeper understanding of the complexities of the energy industry and the challenges it faces.

But that wasn’t all! After the screening, attendees had the opportunity to chat with Adam Stielstra and Bill Butler during a Q&A session. They shared insights into the making of the series, the challenges they faced, and what they hoped viewers would take away from the series. The session was lively and engaging, and attendees left feeling inspired and informed.

This event was a great reminder of the kind of work that Lion Media can create. Adam and Bill’s ability to take complex issues and present them in an accessible and engaging way is truly remarkable. The Energy Dilemma is just one example of the talent that is within Lion Media, our sister company.

Overall, The Lion Project’s luncheon event was an absolute blast! It proved that learning can be fun, and that events like this can bring people together to engage with important issues. We’re grateful to Adam Stielstra, and Bill Butler for sharing their expertise and creating such an engaging series that will continue to grow!

The Energy Dilemma

The Energy Dilemma

This 5-episode preview is a must-watch series for anyone interested in energy production, consumption, and transitions in the US and beyond. Follow us on this eye-opening journey and learn where energy comes from, how it’s produced and consumed, and where our future of energy is heading. 🔜⚡⁠

At The Lion Project, we’re committed to creating positive change for the greater good, and we believe The Energy Dilemma is a story that needs to be told. We can’t wait for you to join us on this important mission. 💪🌟⁠

Produced and directed by Adam Stielstra⁠
Created by Adam Stielstra and Bill Butler⁠
Executive producer: Bill Butler⁠