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We are a Denver-based group of film-makers, bridging the gap between the hundreds of non-profits who are  serving others, and the hundreds of business owners who are looking for a way to be a part of a sustainable solution for real change in their community. // We are The Lion Project. // We effectively share life-changing stories through educational films, to inspire young professionals to live for something greater than themselves. // We are a voice for the silent heroes. // We ask that successful businesses and budding creatives partner with us in our effort to be this voice. When we work together, we have the power to positively change the way people see the world in which we live.



The mission of the Lion Project is to connect the budding talent of trained creatives, the financial resources of successful businesses, and the beautiful causes of Denver non-profits. We need you to join the team though. Click the appropriate link below to learn more about how you can get involved.


  • 42 Financial Partners
  • Commit To $300 Per Month
  • Partner For Three Months
  • Pour Into The Local Community
  • Inspired By 1 Cause
  • Invested In 1 Project
  • Find A Non-Profit With A Tangible Need
  • Bring In Resources From Business Partners
  • Bring In Artistic Talent From Creative Partners
  • Film And Edit Educational Documentary
  • Resulting In 1 Project
  • Telling The Story Of 1 Cause
  • 6 Creative Partners
  • Collaborate On Project Overview
  • Set Team Work Back Schedule
  • Use Creative Experience
  • Inspired By 1 Cause
  • Invest In 1 Project

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Executive Director
Creative Director
Content Manager
Brand Manager
Michael Ring
Web Developer
Head of Video


Excelsior | Elevating Communities
Open Door Ministries | Open Door To Success
Extended Hands Of Hope
Mission Wear
Video / Non-profit
Hope House of Colorado
Video / Non-profit
Joshua Station
Video / Non-profit

  • Our biggest barrier is that there are still too many folks who don’t even know even know we exist. We really want to get that message out that ‘We’re here!’ We want to jump up and down and scream to the heavens and let everyone know. You guys help with that!

    Libby of Same Cafe
  • I love having more help, more professional videos, to show the lives of the people we’re working alongside here. Thanks for filling that need!

    Stephanie of Mile High Ministries
  • It’s one thing to tell a story. I can do that! But when I have a video there, where the people we are helping are actually telling their own stories, it’s an amazing tool that can be used.

    Sox of Sox Place
  • Like other non-profit organizations, we don’t have a huge budget when it comes to media development, web development, technology, and to really get out the Girls Inc. message, we have to tell a story. And the best for us to tell a story is to show the girls here telling their own testimonies. The Lion Project has provided us with really powerful tools.

    Sonya of Girls Inc.
  • We are so happy with our video that was produced by the Lion Project. It is professional and captures our message perfectly. I’d highly recommend doing a video through the Lion Project. It is worth the investment for your organization or business. Our donors and potential donors have loved it.

    -Nikki Koster of JAMLAC


This has been an incredible 2015 for The Lion Project! We have seen a tangible change in our local non-profit community with the help of our business partners and donors! We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this successful year!

We recently had our annual event, An Evening For The Silent Heroes, where we had a tremendous amount of supporters come out to enjoy good food, drinks, community, and entertainment. Those in attendance previewed our next four non-profit partners we are working with to help fulfill a tangible need in 2016! They are:

Extended Hands of Hope
Open Door Ministries
Hope House

We look forward to the new year and working with these amazing non-profits!

Join Our Team

Whether you are a creative, business person, or a nonprofit, we would love for you to be involved in our next project. // Email us at info@thelionproject.org or call at (720) 663-8222.


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