Who we are

We are a Denver-based group of film-makers, bridging the gap between the hundreds of non-profits who are serving others and the hundreds of business owners who are looking for a way to be a part of a sustainable solution for real change in their community. // We are The Lion Project. // We effectively share life-changing stories through educational films in order to inspire young professionals to live for something greater than themselves. // We are a voice for the silent heroes. // We ask that successful businesses and budding creatives partner with us in our effort to be this voice. When we work together, we have the power to positively change the way people see the world in which we live.

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The swink project animation by Constantinos Kilaris

A Peek into our process


Selection of Non-Profits

The process begins when the community of The Lion Project submits and presents non-profits to our board. Our board analyzes each non-profit by visiting their site and requests a variety of information regarding their cause, financial stewardship practices, leadership, and what tangible needs they presently have. After careful consideration, the board votes, and four non-profits are selected to partner with us for the following year. We currently partner with one non-profit per quarter; totaling four partnerships per year.


Promotional Video & Project Selection

After our partnerships are set for the year, The Lion Project team produces a video valued at $5,000 for each of the selected non-profits. This promotional video allows the non-profits to communicate the heart of their organizations to the City of Denver in a whole new way. When the promotional video is completed, we identify and prioritize our non-profits’ most pressing, tangible needs so that we can meet them through our ‘tangible project.’


An Evening & an Unveiling

Each November, we host our Gala event; An Evening for Silent Heroes– it is one of our main and most favorite events, and it’s a well-deserved opportunity to celebrate many of Denver’s silent heroes. Business partners, non-profit partners, and other supporters of The Lion Project community attend the Gala event to celebrate with us, enjoying live music, food, and drinks. Here we celebrate the current year’s accomplishments, unveil the selected non-profit partners for the upcoming year, and reveal promotional videos for our upcoming non-profit partners. We then wrap up the evening talking about joining the causes and goals that will be reached the upcoming year.


Service Day & Project Execution

With the money raised through business owner contribution, we execute the selected project(s). While this can vary, the money raised goes to the promotional video, the service day, the tangible project, and the processes of the completed project. Through past projects, we know that the service day is what our Lion Project community looks forward to the most. Our service day is a time where our financial partners and community as a whole come together getting their hands dirty to serve others and fulfill the tangible needs of our non-profits. The non-profit now has a promotional video to use as a marketing tool and their tangible need filled in order to make a greater impact on their specific cause.


Recap, Results & Recognition

What makes us unique is our ability to tell stories. Throughout the execution of the project and service day, we have our cameras rolling! We capture the entire process; the execution of the service day, interviews with sponsoring business partners, interviews with members of the selected non-profits, and testimonials from our community of volunteers and supporters. The resulted compilation is a recap video of our partnership. In order to celebrate each non-profit individually, we host a private screening of the non-profit’s recap video at the end of each quarter. The private screening is a more intimate setting to gather, celebrate, and hear how our project was able to help further their cause. In addition, each business partner receives a personalized video with their interview attached so that they can then share the product of their generosity with their business community. When business partners donate, they not only relieve a bottleneck for non-profits but also receive a video that shows their social responsibility within the community of Denver. These videos share beautiful stories and serve as unique marketing pieces for the non-profits and business partners alike.

How you can get involved

Together we are a voice of the silent heroes.

There are incredible people doing extraordinary things here in our own city, but they may lack the skills, resources and/or time to get their messages, stories or voices out. We extend a number of ways for you to get involved so that together we can make a difference and get their voices heard!

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