Who we are

We are a Denver-based non-profit that provides businesses a philanthropic arm to increase their competitive advantage and drive sustainable movements of change.

we Build Trust | Awaken Change

Through our 3 Corporate Impact Program Tactics, we help companies enhance:

Employee Engagement

Community engagement boosts Employee Engagement.

Brand Value

Artistic video that shares your heart and mission and helps build Purpose and Profit.

Leadership Core

Monthly workship articles focused on Leadership Strategies that support creating a respectful workplace.

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A Peek into our process


Selection of Non-Profits

Our board members and team collaborate to select the top four non-profits to partner with a year based on the organization’s cause, financial stewardship practices, leadership, and tangible needs. Currently, The Lion Project partners with one non-profit per quarter.


Promotional Video & Project Selection

The Lion Project produces a short film for every non-profit which casts the unique mission of each organization. We also create a branding video for our business partners to strategically enhance employee engagement and company culture in the workplace.


An Evening & an Unveiling

The Lion Project celebrates our non-profit and business partners at our annual Gala event. This is an evening where we celebrate the year’s accomplishments, unveil the selected non-profit partners for the upcoming year, and reveal the promotional videos for our newest non-profit partners. We wrap up the evening by discussing ways to get involved with The Lion Project and our goals for the upcoming year. Our Gala is an event favorite for our partners and supporters!


Service Day & Project Execution

Our Service Day & Project Execution is one of our non-profit and business partners most-loved aspect of the Lion Project! Our service day is a unique opportunity for business and non-profit partners work as a team to accomplish a specific project. Together, our partners work together to serve the community in a special way.The Lion Project creates a video of the service day for non-profits and businesses to have as a promotional and marketing tool.


Recap, Results & Recognition

Throughout the execution of the project and service day, we film interviews with our business partners & non-profit members, volunteer testimonials, and the execution of the project itself. We then create a recap video for the non-profit and business partners at the service day. We host a private screening of the recap video where those at the service day share how the project has benefited their non-profit or business. Additionally, The Lion Project gives each business partner a personalized recap video with their interview included. Business partners use the recap video as a marketing tool to reveal their generosity and investment in the Denver community. 

How you can get involved

Together we are a voice of the silent heroes.

There are incredible people doing extraordinary things here in our own city, but they may lack the skills, resources and/or time to get their messages, stories or voices out. We extend a number of ways for you to get involved so that together we can make a difference and get their voices heard!

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