First Annual Evening of the Silent Heroes Recap



The staff and board at The Lion Project have been working hard to develop The Lion Project model to connect business owners with non-profits across the city of Denver.  Through the power of storytelling and this past weekend’s event, it all paid off.


The Lion Project hosted An Evening for Silent Heroes at Mile High Ministries on Saturday, March 28th.  The evening was shared with over sixty attendees from around the Metro area; while also announcing the four non-profits that The Lion Project will be partnering with for 2015. The event was a great success. We are well on our way to raising our budget goal for the year.  We would like to personally thank those of you who were able to attend this amazing event on Saturday night – we could not have done it without you.


View some a photo gallery of the event on our Facebook page and stay tuned for a recap video of the evening, as well as details for our next event.


This year, The Lion Project will be partnering with four non-profits by connecting them with business owners from around the city, creating professional documentary-style videos, increasing awareness through strategic marketing, and completing tangible projects to meet the needs of these non-profits.


These are our four non-profit partnerships for the year:



Denver Dream Center
The first non-profit we will be working with will be Denver Dream Center, as we work to renovate a city block in a low-income area in the Denver area through the Adopt-a-Block program. Please come out and join us!
 Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 11.41.29 PM

SaturdayApril 4th “Easter Adopt A Block”

  • Meet at Paco Sanchez Park – 1290 Knox Ct, Denver CO  (13th St and Knox Ct).
  • 10am volunteers arrive, 11am Easter Egg Hunt, 11:30am Lunch (wrapping up at 12:30)


Thank you again for your support! Stay tuned for more details as we work to make a positive impact in the community of Denver and be a voice for the silent heroes.


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Create Twitter Ads to Promote Your Videos In Three Easy Steps

Want to get more exposure for your latest video creation beyond your own following on Twitter? Then the best way to do it is using Twitter Advertising. Twitter now has targeting options that you can use for promoted tweets that can help you get your video out to your ideal audience. Here’s how to configure yours to get maximum video visibility. Why would you pay to promote videos on Twitter? Beyond simply providing more exposure for your new video, promoted tweets that contain media are also more eye-catching and prominent than an unpaid post. Check out this result when we search under the hashtag “diy”: This is a simple tweet without media content:


This post shares a YouTube video:

Twitter-video-ads-2 (1)


It’s clear that adding media to a tweet can take up more space in a Twitter feed and more easily grab someone’s attention, allowing you to create a higher conversion rate with your potential customers.

Now, we will show you how to create a promoted tweet. We break it down into three easy steps:

1. Create the tweet you want to promote

Write a 140-character tweet that encourages people to watch your video. (The link to the video is included in the 140-character count, so make it short and sweet).

2. Set  up your Promoted Tweets Campaign

Once you have decided what you want to post, it’s time to set up your campaign. To do this, go to your Twitter ads dashboard. You may need to start at the Start Advertising page. Next, you need to give your campaign a name, select your audience, select the tweet you want to promote, and set a budget for your campaign. For more details on this process, click here.

3. Measure the results

You should always be sure to analyze the results of a paid ad campaign to see if it was effective. You can measure your campaign results by using the analytics provided by Twitter or by visiting YouTube to see the source of traffic that the most views were coming from.

Have you tried promoting your tweets before? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below.

Using Effective Video Marketing As Part Of Your Social Media Strategy

How do you engage your online audience? Becky Stafansky of viewbix.com explains that video marketing should be at the front and center of your social media marketing.

…unlike offline marketing, everything on the Internet ultimately links to everything else. So, there’s no reason to treat your various online marketing strategies as separate elements. Employ that fabled “big picture” thinking here: find ways to engage leads in one medium and inspire them to investigate you through other mediums as well.

And how does this apply to video marketing? Basically, effective video marketing cannot be solely about making videos. That’s just one step in the process. After that, you should be looking into ways to tie them into your other online marketing efforts, such as you social media strategies.


Effective Marketing Using Social Media

1. Get a YouTube Channel

They’re free, they can be hotlinked or embedded directly on your website, and people can subscribe to you directly to see all your latest videos. Since YouTube supports direct integration with Facebook and Twitter, allowing visitors to immediately share your materials online. You can even cheat a little and “like” your own YouTube videos to instantly post them to your Facebook.

2. Keep it short and engaging

Generally speaking, you have less than ten seconds to engage a new viewer. You can’t wager on your viewers having the patience to stick with you through a preamble. You need to hit them over the head with a nice big WHAM moment as soon as they press ‘play’.

3. Don’t be afraid to use lots of links

Viewers should never wonder who you are or what your website is. You should have links to your main page at the top of the video description. You can even integrate pop-up messages within the video that help point them in the right direction, or just make a little joke on the side.

4. Make it interactive

There are a bunch of clickable video apps which can be embedded within your video, giving it interactive elements. Internet users are easily distracted and enticing them to click on things is a remarkably good way of holding their interest.

5. Vary your content

Don’t solely post videos of someone talking directly into the camera. On the Internet, a lack of variety is a kiss of death. Use animations. Hire a local comedian to do a routine for you. Create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style series of YouTube games. Get creative, and keep people clicking!