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Ready to ROAR into the weekend with a fresh dose of inspiration? 🚀 We’re here to help you break the routine and try something new and exciting!  Here’s a fun list of things to do on our Weeknd Fun List!

🎨 Get Creative: Unleash your inner artist today! Grab some paint, pencils, or even digital tools and create a masterpiece. Whether it’s a colorful canvas or a digital doodle, let your imagination run wild. 🎨

🎤 Karaoke King/Queen: Take your singing skills to the next level! Host a virtual karaoke party with friends, or just belt out your favorite tunes in the shower. Now this is my FAVORITE activity! 🎶

🍔 Culinary Adventure: Challenge your taste buds! Try cooking a new cuisine you’ve never attempted before. Ethiopian injera, Thai curry, or Mexican street tacos – pick a new flavor destination! Perfect for a Sunday with the family! 🌮🍛

📚 Literary Escape: Dive into a captivating book! Choose a genre you don’t usually explore and embark on a literary adventure. Science fiction, fantasy, or historical fiction – there’s a world of words waiting for you! I, personally, prefer listening to audio books, that way I can dilly dally around at the same time! 📖

🌱 Go Green: Get outdoors and connect with nature. Go for a hike, have a picnic in the park, or simply take a leisurely stroll in your neighborhood. 🌳

📸 Capture Moments: Become a photographer for the day! Find interesting subjects around you and snap some cool photos. Share your favorites with us! 📷