See How We Are Positively Impacting the Lives of Women Escaping Sex Trafficking | Video

The average age of women entering into sex trafficking is 12 to 13 years old. Many women are forced into this industry or have to resort to selling themselves simply to survive. Denver is home to some of the worst human trafficking crimes in the country, but Street’s Hope is working to change that.

Street’s Hope is a safe house in Denver that provides restorative services to women escaping the sex trafficking and the commercial sex industry. It is the only program in Colorado that serves women 18 and older who are escaping sex slavery. Street’s Hope provides food, shelter, medical care, daily group therapy, counseling, like skills training, employment and educational opportunities, and mentoring.

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As part of our cause marketing model, we are working on installing a security system to make the facility more secure, and we are working on repurposing a shipping container in order to provide more office space for the staff.

To learn more about Street’s Hope, watch our video above or visit their website.

We will be releasing our 2015 non-profit projects in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates from The Lion Project.

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