Our Team – Zak Ferry

Zak Ferry

Zak Ferry grew up in Southern California in a family of entrepreneurs. His Mother is a fun loving Venezuelan and Father a serial entrepreneur from Minnesotan. Zak was brought up with honesty as a core principle and love for people of all different cultures and ethnicities. He says his greatest accomplishment is getting, his now wife Claire Ferry, to marry him. The delight in his life is his son Rome.

He believes that everyone has a unique creative purpose that will forever leave a mark in the folds of this story of life. He hopes that the Lion Project will bring the best unique creative gifts out of every business, non-profit, and individual it works with.

With a degree from the school of Architecture and Planning from CU Boulder, work experience with Flatirons Community Church, multiple startups and a variety mission trips, Zak is uniquely poised as a young creative to lead, and build the Lion Project to make an impact that ripples around the world.