Our Team – Devon Kerns

Devon Kernes

“All of that sounds good, now tell me what you REALLY want.”

Devon Kerns possesses more than a decade of public speaking and coaching single professionals on Leadership and Relationship Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Lifestyle Management. He has crafted the social tools and spiritual awareness to help professionals communicate their true self, be transparent and show vulnerability in order to increase personal power and improve corporate culture.

From coaching and training international sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, Devon has created simple tools and action steps that help professionals cut through the usual business and personal relationship pitfalls. His presentations and programs address the important areas of life that impact workplace dynamics and productivity.

Devon is passionate about teaching professionals how to engage in the personal growth and development work to discover the best version of themselves. His mission is to empower one million professionals to grow, thrive, change, and be present in all areas of their life.

As a board member of The Lion Project, a Denver-based non-profit, Devon exhibits his strong passion for charities, business, and building stronger communities. His other interests include Henry David Thoreau, coaching soccer, skiing, traveling, watching movies, and networking. He strives to create abundance and find purpose in every encounter and touch people’s lives, from a simple smile or hug to incredibly deep and purposeful relationships.