Providence Network: Service Day

We are partnering with The Providence Network!

The Providence Network is a Denver based non-profit that uses a holistic approach to meet the needs of men, woman, and families suffering from abuse, addiction, and homelessness. The organization was founded in 1988 and has been changing lives ever since. It works closely with struggling individuals by offering physical, emotional, spiritual and economic assistance. They meet physical needs by housing individuals in 2-year transitional homes and long term affordable homes. These housing options are equipt with 24/7 live in staff. This staff is trained to build community within the houses, support healthy behavior and teach valuable skills.

In an exciting new development, the Providence Network recently purchased a house to expand their mission. Located at 357 Broadway, this location is currently in being renovating to be able to adequately welcome 18 youth and 9 mentors at a time. We have been working hard to connect Providence Network with some of our sponsors to ease the economic burden. Ultimate, our goal is to save Providence Network over 100,000 dollars.

2014 Statistics From Providence Network:

  • According to local service providers, nearly 1,000 homeless youth live on the streets in Denver on any given night
  • Our two FirstStep homes, Providence House and Joy House, served 50 adults and 18 children
  • 84% of residents achieved sobriety and employment during their first 3 months in the program, while 16% left due to program violations
  • Our two NextStep homes, Victory House and Clausen House, served 63 adults and 18 children
  • 76% of adults were employed full-time, 18% were in school and employed, and 6% were on disability or social security

Are you interested in leading a hand? Our service day is set for September 23rd and we are amped! We are hoping to get about 50 volunteers. We will most likely be assisting in the following ways:

  • Asphalt
  • Cabinets and counter tops.
  • Landscaping/Irrigation
  • Refinishing wood flooring
  • Building a metal fence/metal work
  • Carpentry work for windows
  • Staining a deck
  • Painting
  • Finishing work

This volunteer experience is unique because our volunteers will be working alongside the youth that will be living in the house. This collaborative effort will be one of a kind!

If you would like to learn more about Providence Network visit them at

If you are interested in learning more information or signing up to volunteer please RSVP to our event on Facebook.


Alana Wimer: Arts & Media Intern


I am really excited about the opportunity to intern at The Lion Project this summer. By way of quick introduction, I am from Chicago and currently a rising senior at Connecticut College. I am studying art with a concentration of design, and American studies with a concentration of policy, society and culture. I have experience with drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design, and social design. I had the privilege to study graphic design in Copenhagen last year. This experience fueled my passion for design, while teaching me valuable skills.

I believe that art and design have the potential to create change and promote positivity. At school, I have been part of some really awesome projects that serve as great testimonies for just how impactful design can be. I worked closely with the Homeless Hospitality Center of New London, CT to create and orchestrate The Walk To End Homelessness. My design class and I designed all paper material for the walk including advertisements, maps, logos, and informational pamphlets. We also designed three activities for walk participants. I was in charge of station one, here I used colorful chalk to write out about fifty quotes from individuals that have utilized the Homeless Hospitality center. This station was meant to challenge the stereotypes that surround homelessness. The walk raised 20, 000 dollars and had about 5,000 participants! I am passionate about continuing to use design as a platform for activism and large-scale change. Additionally, I love to run, hike and ski. I am really looking forward to exploring Colorado!

– Alana Wimer, 20