Alana Wimer: Arts & Media Intern


I am really excited about the opportunity to intern at The Lion Project this summer. By way of quick introduction, I am from Chicago and currently a rising senior at Connecticut College. I am studying art with a concentration of design, and American studies with a concentration of policy, society and culture. I have experience with drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design, and social design. I had the privilege to study graphic design in Copenhagen last year. This experience fueled my passion for design, while teaching me valuable skills.

I believe that art and design have the potential to create change and promote positivity. At school, I have been part of some really awesome projects that serve as great testimonies for just how impactful design can be. I worked closely with the Homeless Hospitality Center of New London, CT to create and orchestrate The Walk To End Homelessness. My design class and I designed all paper material for the walk including advertisements, maps, logos, and informational pamphlets. We also designed three activities for walk participants. I was in charge of station one, here I used colorful chalk to write out about fifty quotes from individuals that have utilized the Homeless Hospitality center. This station was meant to challenge the stereotypes that surround homelessness. The walk raised 20, 000 dollars and had about 5,000 participants! I am passionate about continuing to use design as a platform for activism and large-scale change. Additionally, I love to run, hike and ski. I am really looking forward to exploring Colorado!

– Alana Wimer, 20



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