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The Lion Project was born out of a desire to see non-profits thrive, communities surround them with resources, and ultimately, all lives transformed. Non-profits – and their staff – are working in emotionally draining situations, often with long hours and little pay. They don’t ask for praise; they just want to help others.

They are the silent heroes of our communities. 

We set out to find a new way for non-profits to get the resources they needed while also working to turn the hearts of bystanders into actors.

What we and the community of supporters have created is unlike anything else. It increases the exposure and capability of non-profits while engaging companies to embrace a new way of doing business. We directly connect and transform three pillars of society – the business community, nonprofit sector, and the arts and entertainment industry. By leveraging the expertise and capital of businesses and the storytelling ability of creatives, the Lion Project creates a powerful voice for these silent heroes.

The result: non-profits grow and more lives are changed for the better.


to change lives through storytelling.


to accelerate non-profit growth through video production, marketing services, and service projects.

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How We Accelerate Non-Profits

Discover the different ways we can help you grow your exposure with compelling content and expand your impact through tangible service projects.

How We Build Company Culture

Find out how partnering with The Lion Project multiplies your impact, improves your company's culture and enhances your brand.

  • Jason Plaff | Owner of Kitchen ShowcasePartner since 2016

    When you can kind of do things a bit higher than just business and really impact the community and individual people who need our help, there's a great sense of joy and pride. It's been a true blessing to be a partner with the Lion Project and I would recommend it higher than any other outreach out there.

  • Rob Peterson | Owner of Paint DenverPartner since 2016

    The Lion Project does so much that I don't have time to do, and I get video in return. We get the opporutnity to work with a bunch of non-profits and get exposure in the community.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Raval | Owner of Raval Fascial Aesthetics & Rocky Mountain Laser AestheticsPartner since 2016

    The nice thing about the Lion Project is it allows us to get involved directly with the volunteer work and giving back. So we do help financially, but we also have the opportunity for me and my family to go help with the projects directly.

  • Kaili Purviance | Northwestern MutualPartner since 2016

    It gives us a chance to step away of the business, come together as a team, and support a community that obviously we're working with.

  • Tracy Ferguson| Concrete ColoradoPartner since 2017

    It's truly amazing to see how you put that together. It was really special to Nick and me to not have to plan all of that. You really give business partners a lot of value. It would have taken us a lot of time and energy to organize a volunteer event, plus we wouldn't have been able to meet the people we did. Thanks again for all you do!