5 Ways Corporate Volunteering Changes the Office Feel on Mondays

With social media and the internet, the world of business has changed. We now find it valuable to associate with businesses who seem to be socially minded and have a sense of what it means to be involved in the Denver community. Businesses have been searching for opportunities to work with the best non-profit organizations in order to produce this kind of mindset. We have a good idea how these opportunities to volunteer affect the public’s perception of a business, but are less keen on how it actually affects the volunteers IN the business. I have created a list of 5 things that change the feel of the office, by volunteering.

1. It Get’s All Shook Up!

When you have been working in the same office together with the same people for a period of time, things begin to settle into a routine. You grab that morning coffee when you get in. You catch up on those emails for the first couple of hours. You check in with your coworkers on the status of projects… it’s the status quo. Your employees need to get out of that rut! The opportunity to get out of the office and work with coworkers in a completely different environment helps relieve some of that stagnation. Your employees will find themselves working with people in a way that they may not have had the opportunity do before. This helps alleviate a lot of that “same old” feeling in the office and can build camaraderie beyond just another thing to talk about at the water cooler.

2. Creativity Energy Increases

In conjunction with shaking up the work environment, employees will find they have opportunity to take on some new roles. They may discover they are actually pretty good at painting. Or maybe they will find out that they have a knack with a table saw. Solving new problems requires new creative thinking. Opportunities to do something that is not only new to them, but may be a little intimidating, can help your team develop new skills and reveal new capacity for leadership.

volunteering has significant impact on company culture

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3. Cooperative Communication Improves

In the newness of a volunteer environment and the mixing of roles, your employees will find they will need to communicate much more effectively to complete new tasks. Discovering what needs to be done, developing a strategy, delegating tasks, finding the right tools, even learning someone’s name from another department, are all ways volunteering develops great communication. They HAVE to communicate properly on service projects for a task to get done in a timely and efficient manner. After all, efficiency in the workplace is the fuel of success!

4. Networking Leads to… Leads

Growing a small business is contingent upon meeting new people and forging new relationships. When your employees work on a philanthropic project they will get to rub shoulders with other business owners and workers on a level field. The people they meet may become the business clients of the future and they may become their business clients as well. The opportunity to meet a variety of businesses and people in those businesses can be a very valuable tool for future growth and relationships. We often find that after a service project, people will walk in the door with an unexpected customer lead on Monday morning.

5. Sense of Purpose Expands

It is easy to get lost in the drone of the work environment and forget why your employees are there doing what they are doing. Getting out into our Denver community and making a true and deep impact on other people’s lives with your company brings purpose to the work they do at the office. They get to see some of the fruits of their labor being put to use in a very tangible way. Giving a sense of purpose in the office is perhaps one of the most important elements volunteering can produce.

Corporate volunteering has a whole host of benefits on a personal level as well. Like reducing stress, making a difference, building confidence, and learning new skills. Being a volunteer can be one of the most rewarding things you and your business can be a part of.

If you are looking for a great opportunity to volunteer or get your business involved with social projects, get in touch with us. The Lion Project helps connect businesses with at least 4 non-profits per year to produce impactful service projects for each. We would love to be your next community partner!

– by Jeff Rood, Development Manager at The Lion Project


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Hear from some of our business partners on how volunteering is affecting their business:

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