White Label Revenue Model

You have the mission, they have the financial capital, and we have the power to connect you.

You need to find ways to increase giving, but fundraisers are incredibly costly, and businesses keep their charitable efforts close to the chest.

That’s why the Lion Project is introducing our new and more effective revenue model. This program leverages the unique marketing power of video content to help you recruit more business and church sponsors at higher funding levels. Because we can give you the power to offer video assets to your sponsors, you’re able to access their much larger marketing budgets. You’ll save precious resources and improve your margins.


Efficient & Effective

We Help You Step By Step

A Case Study

Justice & Mercy Legal Aid Clinic wanted to create a campaign for its 10th anniversary. They sought out 10 sponsors at $10,000 each. Sponsors were excited by this program and signed up. Their program was funded, their staff didn’t spend a hundred hours on an event, and they received additional exposure across their sponsors’ digital marketing platforms.

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